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Website Analysis
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A website is one of the most important assets a business can have, but many don't know what their website's for, let alone whether or not it's delivering. Website analysis is about making sure that your website is working for you.


Your existing website

If you, like the vast majority of business owners, got a website because 'you have to have one', then you may not have given too much consideration to what your website is there for, how it works for the customer, or even where your visitors are coming from. Without this knowledge it's impossible to know if it's working or not.



Why do you have a website?

There are numerous reasons to have a website and there's no reason to focus only on one. What you do need to do though is ensure you know what these reasons are and make sure your website is focused toward them.


Some reasons to have a website include:

  • You want to sell products online
  • You want to improve customer service though online support
  • You want a view of your products/services that's easily accessible
  • You want to collate potential customers' contact details
  • You want to reach a global audience
  • You want to build your brand
  • You want to provide information on what you do

You'll know which ones are important to you, but does your website do them?



Structure, structure, structure

The biggest website failing ever is structure, or more to the point, poor structure.


You have a website that looks good, but someone wants prices and can't find them. Someone wants to send you an email, but can't find your email address etc. It all sounds obvious, but so many websites fail and lose customers from this most basic flaw.



How we can help

At Carl Hancock Marketing we can offer to design your website from scratch, but if you already have one and the prospect of starting again is a little too daunting (and/or expensive) we can provide comprehensive guidance on the changes that need to be made that you can have your web master perform or we can do for you.



Find out more

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