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Public relations (PR) are all about managing how you as a company are perceived. In a sense, all marketing is about perception, and public relations focuses primarily on communicating how you wish to be perceived.


Press releases

Press releases are great and one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing in the universe. Whether you're a local business wanting coverage in the local free paper, or wanting your name in your trade publication or even the national media, press releases are the way to do it.


The thing to remember is that most publications rely on advertising revenue and with journalists expensive to employ, press releases and other publically written articles are for them the most cost-effective way to fill the space between the adverts.


If your press release is particular news worthy, then they can be picked up by journalists who will look to expand on them for a full article.


We can not only write for you professional press releases, but can help in their distribution as well ensuring that they receive the widest possible coverage.


Press releases are also a great tool in aiding Search Engine Optimisation.




Like press releases, articles are a wonderfully cost-effective way to get your name and products into the mass media. They do involve more work and aren't quite as easy to get published, but they afford much more scope to explore in depth what you do and what you offer.



Public engagements

Getting out and meeting your public is one of the best ways to promote your business. It not only allows you to sell directly to the people that want to buy and enables you to gain valuable feedback on what they think, but moves you from the often faceless B2B marketing into a field of personal communications.


Public engagements can take the form of trade shows that rely on events management, and speaking opportunities both in the mass media and at trade shows



Employee communications

An often over looked element within PR is the internal element of communications, which can in a sense be even more important than its external brother.


External Employee Communications

A lot of marketing is designed to bring people to you, but once they're there, how do you or your staff respond? How do they answer the phone, what's you're holding music, do they polish their shoes when going out to see customers?


Internal Employee Communications

So you're keeping your potential customers up to date, but what about your staff? You're working hard to make your customers feel valued about is your workforce feel valueless?


Internal communications, put simply, is about making sure your staff is happy. If they're not, just think about how they're likely to be coming across to potential customers and the consequences of that.


All communication is important, but so often overlooked, so let us help you ensure that even the little things are working in your favour.



How we can help

At Carl Hancock marketing, we offer a complete range of copy writing services to help with your PR. We can also advise on how you can create a positive perception, and ultimately turn that perception into a reality, both externally and internally.



Find out more

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