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At Carl Hancock Marketing we offer a wide range of marketing services. Whether you need brochures designed, your website improved or your marketing strategy revised, we can help.


Advertising is a funny old thing. It can offer businesses an opportunity to reach people that simply isn't possible through other forms of marketing, yet remains one of the biggest places in which businesses can slip up and ultimately loose a fortune.



There is a lot of truth in the phrase 'people sell to people' and that B2B (business to business) marketing is merely a term created by marketers to make more money, but there are subtle differences in selling to business that all companies need to be aware of.



B2C (business to consumer) marketing, like its big brother B2B marketing, relies on a variety of marketing approaches. It is though a bigger market place in terms of players and there are as many potential consumers as there are people on the planet.



With branding, perhaps more than any other facet of marketing, you have to ask yourself, 'what is my brand?'. Aesthetic is important, but for the vast majority of businesses, branding is not about your logo, your corporate colours or your strap line - it's about who you are.





Virtually free and hugely powerful, email marketing can provide one of the best returns on investment of any form of marketing - if done correctly. Its rise in popularity is also its potential downfall so one needs to be careful with its use.



When successful, events can be a powerful marketing tool, reaching new audiences, extending your brand and engaging one-on-one with your customers. But if done badly, they can be a PR disaster.



Only paying for advertising when it works sounds like a dream come true and this is exactly what Google Adwords professes to be. Done right and you'll have a whole new stream of customers. Done wrong and it could be costly.



Graphic design is all about communicating your message in a visual way. It requires an understanding of your audience and necessitates not only creativity and an artist's eye, but an knowledge of what you want to say and how you want to say it.



There are many fads and meaningless buzz words in marketing, but the term integrated marketing certainly isn't one of them. In fact, integrated marketing is the single most important concept for any business owner to learn.



As an integral part of search engine optimisation and Google Adwords, keyword analysis is all about working out what your customers and potential customers are typing into search engines in order to find the services you offer. Then it's about making use of that information.



In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said, 'strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat'. This is as true today as it was when written 2000 years ago.



Public relations (PR) are all about managing how you as a company are perceived. In a sense, all marketing is about perception, and public relations focuses primarily on communicating how you wish to be perceived.



There are billions of searches performed via search engines every single day and when looking for something it's Google, Bing and the like that people turn to first. SEO is about making sure that when people are looking for something on the internet, it's you they find first.



Most people reading this will have a Facebook account, use or follow people on twitter, read blogs, watch videos on YouTube or share information on forums. In fact the only thing on the internet that is more popular than social media are search engines and even this is changing.



A lot of web designers will talk to you about the aesthetic of your website, the colours you should use, the photos etc etc. This is important but very much secondary and what's important is to make your website work.



A website is one of the most important assets a business can have, but many don't know what their website's for, let alone whether or not it's delivering. Website analysis is about making sure that your website is working for you.

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