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As an integral part of search engine optimisation and Google Adwords, keyword analysis is all about working out what your customers and potential customers are typing into search engines in order to find the services you offer. Then it's about making use of that information.


Why do keyword analysis

Almost without exclusion, whatever product or service you offer, people will look for it on the internet. If someone lives in High Wycombe and wants to buy tropical fish then they'll go on a search engine and type something along the lines of 'Tropical Fish High Wycombe'. If they're thinking of buying a new Volvo, then it'll be something like 'Volvo Review'.


But is that what they type?


Since keyword analysis is about aiding SEO (search engine optimisation) and Google Adwords you need to be sure that your site is optimised to those keywords that people are actually searching for. It maybe that people don't search for 'tropical fish' but rather specific species such as 'angel fish' or 'clown loach'. Get this wrong and people won't find your site.


How we can help

We can do an in-depth analysis into the keywords and key phrases related to your business and work out for you those that you should be focusing on.


We can then do an analysis of your website to determine how these can be integrated to allow people to better find you via search engines and through our SEO services can actually do the integration for you.



Find out more

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