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Graphic design is all about communicating your message in a visual way. It requires an understanding of your audience and necessitates not only creativity and an artist's eye, but an knowledge of what you want to say and how you want to say it.


Graphic Design is more than just pretty pictures

What's often forgotten when it comes to graphic design is the word 'design', one definition of which is 'To create or contrive for a particular purpose or effect'.


Yes, the designs you use need to look good, but that is not a means in itself and always it is a question of purpose - why do you want a brochure, what is you logo for etc?



How we can help

We can make things look good, but through our marketing experience we can make sure that your graphic design works. We will work with you to get the look and feel that you want, but also work with you to make sure that it achieves results.


Some of the graphic design projects we can do include:



Leaflets are the bedrock of the small business - cheap to produce and easy to distribute. We might get a little frustrated by the amount of leaflets we get through the door for the local take away, yet they keep coming because they work. Whatever size or style you want, Carl Hancock Marketing can produce top quality leaflets for you and your business.



Stepping up from leaflets, brochures allow you to expand on your business or products, giving more detailed information. We can design them in a variety of shapes and sizes, all focused on communicating effectively and efficiently. Carl Hancock Marketing cannot only design your brochures, but can help with the content through our copy writing services.



Logos are probably the most identifiable element in a company's brand and tend to set the benchmark upon which all other design is based. They need to be instantly recognisable, but as the identifying element that will be seen more frequently than anything else, consideration has to be given to the subtle messages and what your logo will be saying about you.



Business cards, letterheads, compliment slips etc are all critical parts of modern business, critical not only because of the function they play, but because they say almost as much about you and your company as anything else.



For any business with a shop front whether on the high street, a shopping centre or industrial park, you will always need a way for the public to identify your location. Signage not only has to be easily recognisable for those looking to find you, but eye catching and descriptive so that they also work for passing trade.



Find out more

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help with your graphic design, please send us an email or fill in the form below.


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Example brochures and leaflets


Embracing AddressBase

This brochure was put together for a trade show to be distributed as part of the delegate packs.


Since there were over twenty companies all with their own literature in the delegate packs, it was decided that something was needed that would standout from the crowd.


The product 'AddressBase' was the buzz word at the show, so the brochure was designed to focus on this and designed as a 'keeper', rather than your average (disposable) sales brochure.


Aligned Assets Graphic Design

Churchill Dentistry Graphic Design  

Church Hill Dentistry

Church Hill Dentistry was a new dentists practice, which required a leaflet for distribution to houses in the local area.


The leaflet needed to be quickly identifiable in terms of what it was (dentistry) and that it was local.


An aspirational image was used, showing shiny white teeth along with an offer to entice new customers to not only come themselves, but the 2 for 1 was a way to encourage the bringing of the whole family.



This leaflet was designed like an advert, with a lot of emphasis on the easily understood headline, which was aided by the visual impact of the spine, that not only reinforced the literal message of back treatment, but added a medical, clinic perception.


It was important that opening times and contact details were clear and the free consultation offered the public an opportunity to respond to the headline without obligation.

  Osteopathy Graphic Design
Massage Brochure Graphic Design  

Simply Massage

Everything about this brochure was designed to reflect what the product was, which was a soothing, relaxing and calming massage.


Because the market at the time was being flooded by various exotically titled massages, which would often leave the consumer confused, 'Simply Massage' was intended to cut through the mystery and offer the consumer what they wanted.


GW Osteopathy

The first element of this leaflet was the content - it had to explain the benefits of osteopathy in a simple yet appealing way. It further though had to be striking enough for people to pick it up, but because of the professional nature of the osteopathic profession, it couldn't be too 'in your face'.


Because in the initial design there was a woman on the front, a second version was also created that reversed the front and inner page images, so that this version would be more appealing to male clients.

  Osteopathy Graphic Design


Example Logos


Grease Lightning Oven Cleaning

Playing on the speed of service and the fact that it is mostly grease that it cleaned away during an oven cleaning session, Grease Lightning Oven Cleaning had the ideal name and played on the 1950s theme, especially from the movie 'Grease', to extenuate the theme and produce a truly memorable logo.


Church Hill Dentistry

As a dentists practice, Church Hill Dentistry required something was visually striking, but also very professional in appearance.


Because their client base would range from the very young to the very old, the logo needed to retain a certain neutrality so as not to alienate any section of the clientele.


Best Service Centre

The idea for this logo was based around the two main elements of Best Service Centre's business - servicing and tyres.


The slogan needed to be incorporated into the logo and the tyre allowed for this in such a way that it remained very evident, yet intrinsic to the logo.



The original brief for this logo was to create something more modern than that which they had, but something that was remained in keeping with the company's traditions.


As a retailer/servicer of tractors, the logo has a conventional feel, without feeling dated, incorporating a tractor track that that would be recognisable to all customers.


Luxury Jets Ltd

This logo was about 90% complete before the client even approached us. Other graphic design firms wanted to start from a blank canvas, but it was quite evident that it was already fulfilling most of the criteria and it was simply a question of finding the right font and few tweaks in order to create a good balance.


Pro Carpet Cleaning

This logo is a quintessential example of why simplicity is sometimes the best option and is what we often refer to as a 'what it says on the tin' type of logo.


It needed to be very evident that it was a carpet cleaning company as the logo was to be sign written onto vans and with so many of these companies in existence, the name 'Pro' can to be easily identifiable.




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