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Only paying for advertising when it works sounds like a dream come true and this is exactly what Google AdWords professes to be. Done right and you'll have a whole new stream of customers. Done wrong and it could be costly.


So what are Google AdWords?

Google AdWords are a form of 'pay-per-click' advertising in which your advert appears on a search engine results page and you pay a certain amount everytime someone clicks that advert and thereby visits your website.


Google are not the only search engine that offers this service, but they are the biggest.



Why use Google Adwords?

Unlike conventional advertising, you only pay for Google AdWords when someone clicks on your advert. Since your advert is only displayed when people type a specific word of phrase into Google, you can be pretty sure that they're looking for what you're offering.


You have control over how much you pay per click, how much your total spend is every day and a wealth of statistics to show you what's working and what isn't.



How we can help

On the face of it, Google AdWords is a very simple concept, but just like with any form of marketing, it can be done well and it can be done badly. We can help you do it very well by:

  • Designing a customised Adwords campaign
  • Analysing your keywords
  • Designing and testing adverts
  • Optimising your landing page
  • Working out what can be done within your budget
  • Aligning your campaign in such a way so that you can see the results
  • Provide you with monthly reports

You might ask why you need to do all this and the answer is simply that it will not only increase the number of people clicking on your advert, but can make the cost of each click a lot cheaper.



Find out more

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help with your Google AdWords, please send us an email or fill in the form below.


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