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With branding, perhaps more than any other facet of marketing, you have to ask yourself, 'what is my brand?'. Aesthetic is important, but for the vast majority of businesses, branding is not about your logo, your corporate colours or your strap line - it's about who you are.


An important lesson in branding

The problem comes from an obsession with brand that in some ways comes legitimately from constantly seeing the likes of McDonalds and Coca Cola on our TV screens, on bill boards and on the bright neon signs.


Although logos, corporate colours and the like do have a role to play, in the vast majority of businesses, this role is small and most business owners could save a lot of time and money by remembering this.


A really effective brand comes first from thinking about your customers, specifically who they are and what they want.


If you run a local grocers then your customers want fresh, high quality produce, served with a smile and some friendly banter - that is your brand. If you manufacture products then your customers want stock to be available, delivered promptly and payment terms that suit their needs - that is your brand. If you are a software house, then your customers want bug-free products, functionality that is useful to them and high levels of support - that is your brand.


Expertise in your sector and an ability to get the job done - that is your brand.



What about the fancy stuff?

Your corporate identity is important, just not as important as knowing what your customers really want. If you are a business that has hundreds of outlets when you need people to recognise you instantly, large media campaigns that need to be memorable, or super markets stocking your products on their shelves then yes, you need an image and you need a brand. If you're not, the key is to keep it neat and keep it professional - these are the two things are worth spending a little bit more time and money on.


Even if you are a larger business when the fancy stuff does have more validity, then remember that it is only there to point people to remember the important bit of your brand - what the customer wants. If you want people to instantly recognise your brand, it is so that they instantly think, "That's Jenkin's Garage, I can trust them not to over charge me" or "hey that's McGuire's Burger Bar, they do a tasty burger."



How we can help

We can sit down with you and discuss exactly what your brand is and work out how best to promote that to your public.


We can help to work out an integrative marketing strategy that will enable you to transmit that brand across a variety of media whether it's through PR, social media, your website, your design, advertising...all of which will be designed to say you are the best/the cheapest/the most luxurious at what you do.



Find out more

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