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There is a lot of truth in the phrase 'people sell to people' and that B2B (business to business) marketing is merely a term created by marketers to make more money, but there are subtle differences in selling to business that all companies need to be aware of.


What makes B2B marketing different?

Most elements of B2B marketing are variations on standard marketing practices but the things you need to be aware of are:

  • B2B requires longer term thinking since businesses are less likely to buy on a whim
  • Marketing needs to be even more integrated into wider business modelling

  • More awareness of your competition is required

  • More caution is required since losing one business client is more than losing one consumer

  • Show even more customer loyalty as you'll have to give business a reason to change

  • Less 'spin' since businesses are more likely to see through it

Beyond that, you need excellent strategy, good design, an effective website, on going PR campaigns and articulate copy writing, just as you would if you were selling direct to the consumer.



How we can help

At Carl Hancock marketing, we can help you to create a effective B2B marketing strategy and put in place in the elements that will make that strategy work.



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